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Disney XD Games The Avengers

Hello guys, again here in disneyxdgames.net bringing you one of the best Disney XD series to you all. After the purchase of Marvel by Disney, Disney XD has now launched a new series called The Avengers most powerful heroes in the world. After the purchase of Marvel by Disney, Disney XD has now launched a new series called The Avengers most powerful heroes in the world.

disney xd the avengers

The protagonists of this series are: Captain America, Hulk, Thor, ironman, etc. And they have to protect the planet earth from the evil enemy will over history, which are composed of beasts, robots, aliens, among others.

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Almost Naked Animals

A new cartoon is coming to Disney XD, this is the tv show of Almost naked Animals to be released in this September. Almost naked animals is a comedy animated series for children aged 6 to 11 years old. This cartoon is a little bit strange, since it deals with a group of animals who live in underwear in a hotel.

Almost naked animals

Almost naked animals

This is the list of the animals who live at the hotel:

  • Howie: The manager of the Hotel and is always looking for fun.
  • Octus:This is a fun octopus which is the receptionist at the Hotel and has a great fear of everyone.
  • Piggy: Piggy as its name suggests is a fun little pig who is the chef of the hotel.
  • Bunny: It is a wild rabbit in charge of hotel activities.

Here in disney games XD we will bring the best games of Almost Naked Animals as soon go on the Internet. Watch for this fun series of entertainment for all children.

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Disney XD Kickin it Games

disney xd kickin it games

disney xd kickin it games

For all of you who like the new Disney XD TV show: Kickin it we are going to bring you some games. Kickin it is an American comedy show starring by Hannah Montana, Jason Earles and Leo Howard. The show is set in a small dojo in a mall, Bobby is the owner of the Academy of Martial Arts Wasabi, the worst dojo in the national dojo chain. He is a rookie skater, who teaches his students, a group of kids on the techniques of karate. However, Bobby not only taught martial arts, but also life lessons.

Here in Disney XD games .com you can find the best Disney XD kickin it Games on the internet for free. You don’t have to download and install the game in your computer, just go to the disney site and have fun with kickin it games.

The game is named Dojo Dodge. Show your skills on Karate and try to destroy all the pieces of wood. Prove that you are the best on Karate with Dojo Dodge game.

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I’m in the Band Games

I’m in the band is a new series of Disney XD. For those who have not seen, is a teenage boy who is in high school. What is different about this guy, he likes rock bands of the 80’s.

This guy loves to play guitar, so he joined the band Iron Weasel. Definitely a good series to all teen might like and get a passion for rock bands that have made history.

Disney XD games bring you a fun puzzle (Puzzle) of I’m in the Band, to pass a good time. This game does not need to download, just wait for it to load and go.

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