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Avengers age of ultron games

Marvel super heroes has a new movie, and this may Avengers age of ultron is gonna have a lot of audience. Ultron is the new treath for the avengers a machine with artificial intelligence, created by Ironman and Bruce bane (Hulk) to protect the earth, but there was complications, ultron want to destroy every human in the planet include the mighty heroes. This movie Avengers age of ultron games is gonna be a hit, they will bring us back our favorite super heroes like Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch and Quick Silver as a new element of the team.

So here it is a new game of the avengers age of ultron You can be Hawkeye or Black Widow, move with the pad right and left, jump with up and down, shot with the space bar, and hold the space bar to charge a special attack.

Enjoy this game age of ultron

Motion Graphics Sound FX

Are you an animator? Are you tired to spend a lot of time searching for some quality sound fx? Well here is an excelent and cheap option. We bring you this Motion graphics sound fx only for 7 dollars, you can find excelent and clean sound in MP3 and WAV format, more than 40 sound fx that will bring to your animation projects an excelent quality. You can find different types of sound like: Whoosh, Blop, Plop, Pop, Transitions, machine, metal, power and of course typing. So here it is this pack is amazing for motion graphics and for other type of animation too, like 2d cartoons etc. Also this sound fx are the cheapest in the internet, 7 dollars for 41 sound fx bundle is absolutely  perfect.

Here is the demo with the sound fxs.

Efectos de sonido para Motion graphics


Despicable me 2 Games

Here we leave with some new games Despicable me 2, the new sequel of Dreamworks animation. We will see our favorite villain trying to take a good side to join anti villains force, where he will be part of the team as the most evil villain trying to save the world, the minions are gonna appear again, one of the kids favorite characters in this years, the  minions are little people who are always on the service of the villain, this time the minions will not fall behind because they are gonna make us laugh a lot so be prepared this summer, play this games of Despicable me 2


You can download the game from this link, at the App Store, this game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and every device of apple. This game its free.


In this game we are a minion, we need to collect every object in the world as fast as we can. Here some pics of the game, have fun!



Monsters University Games

Monsters University is ready to be in theaters on June 2013. This is one of the most popular Pixar movies of all times. This time, we are going to meet or main characters such as Sully and Mike when they were young and just before they met and started working at Monsters Inc. We are going to see a different life of these guys. Sully will be a gangster in the school; on the other hand, Mike will be looking for friends. Here in Disney XD Games, you will be able to play Monsters University games that for sure you will love. This Monsters University game can be played in your iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod, etc. In this game, you will be Mike and you have to run all over the University.

AppStore Monsters University

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